Consumed by Consumerism
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Consumed by Consumerism

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Tracey's Two Bobs Worth

Consumed by Consumerism

People are drowning in debt and our world is drowning in pollution!
The plastic fantastic world we live in has polluted every waterway or ocean there is.
And people are still spend, spend, spending on the latest gadget, the latest electronic piece of equipment with more stuff, here, there and everywhere.

I am not saying don't buy nice things, I am merely suggesting that perhaps we could go without some of it. I go shopping because I have to, not because I enjoy it.
I find shopping an overrated experience, and clothes shopping was a mission impossible, until just recently. I found a local clothes store who sell the most amazing clothes.

I don't know about you but shopping for food has become a chore. With SO many products to choose from. And with so many kinds of just one product, how do you make an informed choice about your food? You read the labels...don't you??  !!  Who has the time to read the labels on 200 different items. So I just buy the ones I have always purchased.
Until they discontinue that brand, or make, or model...then you are forced to change brand, and read the label or information about a product....oooohhhhh consumerism sucks!

I like to live comfortably and simply. I am not fanatical about matching everything in my home. And having the latest up to date equipment is not a necessity, except when it comes to my computer!  Marketing analysts would loathe me as a shopper. I shop around the outside of the store in the "stupid-markets" (Coles, Woolworths). I choose to spend my money in local stores like the owner/operator butchers, local organic store and local fresh Fruit and Veg shop. I shop at the local dress shops and not a multi-national apartment store. 

Are you one of those people who spend too much money on crap they don't really need?
Are you one of these people who buy things and hide them from your partner, or lie about the cost, or when you bought it?
Are you one of these people who has cupboards, wardrobes or garages full of stuff you haven't even opened, or used yet?
Are you one of these people who don't over spend as such, but shop at thrift shops or secondhand shops, perhaps even garage hoard things or collect things you will never use?  
Have you ever asked yourself what it is you are trying to get from all this consumerism?
Have you ever asked yourself if you can actually afford this next purchase?
Have you ever asked yourself if you actually need another pair of shoes or whatever it is you are buying?  Maybe you should next time you are going to spend money you don't have, on something you don't need.

When we spend beyond our means it can become such a destructive pattern to get yourself into. It has the potential to affect your whole entire life, if you get yourself into serious debt.  When we spend money on 'stuff', we are often replacing something else. It is that initial rush of excitement you get when we are off spending money buying pretty things, until we get it home again and have to hide it from our spouse or family.   

The reason I am writing this, is to encourage people to be happy with who they are, and not fill their lives with superficial 'stuff'. Junk does not maketh the man or woman!  

Did you know you can get a similar endorphin rush from other activities that does not involve spending money? 
Good friendships, meaningful conversations, cooking & eating good food, growing your own veggie or herb garden, reading a good book, seeing an enjoyable movie, actively enjoying a sporting activity, having sex with yourself or with someone else, going surfing, or watching motor racing all getting your heart racing and endorphins pumping.....just to name a few things. I would like to encourage people to go without spending money, accept on essential things in life, and simplify our living existence in this world.  Finding joy and happiness in our lives without the superficial rush when we consume more 'stuff'.

Little do we realise that by filling our lives full of  'stuff'  that we a blocking the flow of what we need to come into our lives. You are replacing spending money with what you truly desire. Often emotionally based it comes from the lack of,  in other areas of our lives. Lack of love, lack of company, lack of attention, lack of acceptance...and the list goes on.

We came into this incarnation to work on ourselves. This lifetime is a very special time in our evolution. So conquer your demons by working on yourself. 

Tracey Coluzzi

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