Please reach OUT and save a life from Suicide
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Please reach OUT and save a life from Suicide

On the 7th day of September 2014 a lady I had met only once, and was a friend on Facebook, Kat took her own life.
I knew you as Kat Treesong, and you were an EARTH ANGEL. Her name was Kathryn Polanski, and she was a highly intelligent, highly sensitive soul, a loving, free spirited young woman But Kat, like many feel life too deeply sometimes and it is totally overwhelming. Kat gave her time to rally and petition for great causes close to her heart. Animals and the Earth, being the forefront of her energy. You are a great ambassador for Mother Earth and all those without a voice. Her knowledge about life, and spirituality was extensive, as a light-worker & earth angel, you should be commended. Kat worked on herself to learn new things and in turn share her wisdom, I am missing that wisdom. When your friends held a memorial for you in Hyde Park Kat Treesong, I went to the ocean and walked along the shore line washing away the collective pain, envisaged bathing your friends and family in love & healing direct from source. I prayed your soul would be free. I ask that all pain & emotional turmoil that took you away, be healed I prayed for the Angels to hold you close while you heal yourself. Words cannot describe the hole that you left in people’s lives. My Sincerest Condolences to your family and friends. Sending, heartfelt love to all of you.   
I love you beautiful lady RIP KAT TREESONG
Tracey Coluzzi xxxx.
Depression should be renamed DEEP REST, a very wise man told me that...Scott A. King said.... When God said go have deep rest, it was heard as depressed! Deep Rest is our body’s way of telling as to slow down a while, and smell the roses. Life is run in top gear 90% of the time we could do with knocking it back a few gears and taking the slow lane for a bit. PLEASE make conscious choices about our own state of mental and physical health. I feel instinctively we all know when something is not quite right, yet we just keep pushing ourselves. Please stop.  Please listen to your body. Please seek help. And if that doesn’t help again and again and again until you find something that does work. One cure doesn’t work for everyone. We don’t all resonate with a certain Doctor or Therapist. Find what works for you.
Kat....It is so sad you choose to leave. I wish things could have been very different, and I wish you had of reached out to someone. Your heart was huge, your soul kind, but maybe a little tormented. Depression is a torment, the black dog visits without warning, and often never leaves..... Many people experience depression, and come out of it...Others like Kat find life just too harsh, and choose not to continue.
I too have walked the path to the dark night of the soul...twice actually. I have smacked that black dog of depression on the snout and told it to GET OUT!!!! I now make a conscious effort to not revisit those dark times. It is OKAY to have DEEP REST times; it is very healthy for you to acknowledge you need help, & a rest. It is healthy to take stock of life whilst in your deep rest mode.
Following is a list of Suicide Prevention websites, and Depression Help Lines, and web-chat information.
These are all in Australia or Western Australia.
Webchat 3pm to 12am.    
Phone 1300 224 636
Webchat 8pm to 12 midnight. 
Lifeline 24 hour, 13 11 14.
Mensline Australia:   1300 789 978   open 24/7.
Headspace:               1800 650 890
Mindspot Clinic:       1800 614 434
Suicide Line:            1300 651 251.  24 hour service
Suicide Call back Service: 1300 659 467

Kids Helpline:           1800 551 800

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