My Black Salve Journey
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Tracey's Two Bobs Worth

My Black Salve Journey

Being diagnosed with breast cancer did not come as a surprise, as I knew there was something wrong within my body.
What scared me, was the pressure put on me by the Doctors to go down the cut, poison, burn scenario.
The breast surgeon wanted me on the operating table in 24 to 48 hours.
I avoided their phone calls for  a week and then, to get them to back off and leave me alone, I lied, and said I was going to another Dr, for a second opinion.
Not a complete lie, because I do have a Doctor who I do trust, who genuinely cares about me. Dr Ariel Schultz. There is a link to his website on my Websites I recommend page.

My cancer came from a total body imbalance, and my mental attitude toward life, family and my relationships. Subconsciously I didn't want to be here, I have felt like I do not belong here for awhile. Even though I am happily married 12 years, together for 22 years. I have everything to live for. I have 4 beautiful cats who love me unconditionally, and rely on me for their care. 

In February 22, 2013 I was bitten by a white tail spider. From this bite, I created a very acidic body, no exercise, and my mental state was going downhill daily.
I had obvious changes to my right breast that I couldn't ignore. An indent had formed on one side of my nipple, with dimpling of the skin surface. I could feel the lumps forming under the skin.
The breast cancer is a wake up call, and I THANK IT for coming and allowing me to journey deeply into my own mind & body to heal from within. It is imperative I work on myself to clear and heal myself from all the emotional baggage I am carrying. I had to deal with some very deep and painful hurts within myself that I had stored in my body. This emotional baggage is damaging and painful, but it cannot stay inside me within making a state of dis-ease within me.

As a healer, a lightworker I must be 100% clear and clean so I can raise my vibration to enable me to help heal other people.  Working through our baggage is our primary reason to be here, we incarnated back to earth to work through our 'stuff' and heal ourselves, and in turn we heal the planet.  I would be a hypocrite if I am instructing people on how to heal themselves, when I am not doing the work on myself.
This Black Salve process took 2 weeks to the day. From the first application, to the Eshar coming was two weeks.
This series of pictures are probably two days apart, even though I took pictures on a daily basis.
WARNING Some people may find these pictures confronting,  contains graphic content.  

I applied the black salve and left it on for 24 hours, I covered the sight with a bandaid, which I renewed on a daily basis.
After 2 days I noticed my body was reacting to the salve, so I continued to removed it daily and renew it with fresh clear bandaid. I also cleared the area with Colloidal Silver each time. The little red dots you can see in this picture is the start of the eshar formation.

In this picture you can see the white patches showing on the surface of the skin. You can also see how big the lump is in my breast. 

This picture is 4 days into the process. At this stage I am still removing and reapplying Black Salve on a daily basis.

Photo is blurry (sorry)...bit difficult to snap pictures discreetly, and not drop the camera.
You can see in the photo how big the cancer actually is.

Eshcar has formed completely, and at this stage I have left the Black Salve on...I stopped renewing salve daily. I continued to change bandaid on a daily basis and clean area with Colloidal Silver.

Area is red and sore because I had a reaction to the tape I used to secure bandaid.

This picture is upside down (I will replaced it later). At this stage Eshcar had formed completely, and from this stage on I had NO pain...once it forms and starts to come away from the body, I had NO pain at all. It is uncomfortable but bearable. 

You can see how clean the area is around the Eshcar,  once it forms and is ready to come away, you will get some weeping happening. Mostly clear fluid, with a little tinge of blood.


This is the Eshcar, the grey mass is 3cm wide, 4cm in length and 2 mm deep.

Wound site. Clean, clear, no weeping or bleeding.

Whole process went from 24.3.2014 to the 14.4.2014.

It was painful but well worth it.

I now have a scar, and no cancer.
I am due to have another scan to confirm I am clear of cancer.  I will let you know when I have that done.

I did a lot of others things to assist my body in healing itself. Daily FRESH home made juices.
Beetroot, Celery, Carrot, Ginger, Cucumber & Green Apple is my favourite juice.
My green juice was Kale, Spinach, Celery. Cos Lettuce, Cucumber, Parsley & Green Apple.

I also regulated the natural circadian rhythm within my body by sleeping and eating and exercising at the optimum times for my body.  Meditation and reprogramming of my negative beliefs and emotions was a huge part of my healing.
You body has an innate wisdom and knows how to heal itself when given the right environment, but that includes, mind, body & soul work on yourself.   It IS worth making changes and taking time to heal IS possible.

THANK YOU to Dr Ariel Schultz for EVERYTHING:)  I love you  :)
THANK YOU to my Guides, Angels, Archangels, Ancients and Ancestors for your guidance, love and healing.

Tracey Coluzzi
Ancient Wisdom Healing Centre

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