WHY do I feel so different!....??
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Tracey's Two Bobs Worth

WHY do I feel so different!....??

WHY do I feel so different!....??

Do you know what? …........I like being different!
Do you know I actually LOVE being unique. I thrive on knowing my fingers prints & tongue pattern are like no other. Every single part of me is unique and different, to any other person in this entire world and

So why do I feel like a fucking leper within my own family? My birth family couldn't really give a rats ass about me as long as I’m not a burden on them. The burden part started at preconception and continued well after my birth. I was another mouth to feed, and I was another person to be considered in an already over filled home.
I have dealt with, and I am still dealing with family issues. Some 49 years I have been living in my human body, living a human life and I have worked on myself spiritually since I was about 2 years young. Yes I was THAT aware....And I still have family issues coming out in my body.
So the first message is, start working on yourself NOW, and never stop. Every single issue you store in your body WILL come out eventually, so deal with your shit, as it occurs. Saves you a lot of time, money, effort and pain if you work on your shit!

I like to think I thrive on being unique, outspoken and different.
I am a woman a I HATE shopping...THERE I said it!
I don’t wear perfume. I don’t buy all the new trendy fashion.
I don’t have 20 handbags
I don’t have 100 pairs of shoes.
I don’t have 60 pairs of jeans.
I don’t have a wardrobe so full with crap, that I can't shut the doors.
I don’t buy into the bullshit message, that you have to buy this and wear that to look beautiful, and perfect in the eyes of WHO!
WHO fucking cares.
I know people who have all those things listed above AND more and they still keep spending money that either don't have or certainly can not afford to be spending, on more crap they do not need....WHY?
To fill a void within themselves.
And they are still miserable.
Second message here is, You can not fill your life with crap and be happy! It is not about having more stuff and spending money to buy more crap you don't need,  to make you feel better. It is about finding yourself spiritually & LOVING YOURSELF entirely, no matter what you think you are OR what you look like.
We ARE all the same on the inside.

I LOVE ME, just the way I AM.
I AM beautiful, but I am also your equal.........
I AM outspoken, and independent and very different to most people.
I AM a strong woman and an independent thinker, and will not be pushed around easily. And certainly not told how to think!
I love strong, independent people, who a free thinkers and strive/thrive to be unique and different.
But in real life, these types of people are not thought of highly in schools. If you can't be a sheeple and be controlled, you are put in that “different” basket. And you are often ostracized and made to feel left out, instead of being encouraged to speak up and share your thoughts and feelings.
Many a free, independent thinker has gone on to be a multimillionaire or a ground breaking pioneer in business, and in life.
Many a free independent thinker is also condemned and labelled as an unstable person, who perhaps needs medication. And are shunned by the very people they can help.
I can not be a sheeple, meaning I cannot and will not follow the flock and I will not think and act the same as others would, in any given situation.
I left high school and checked myself into the alternate school in my area.
Labelled as “that is where all the freaks go” school.
In actual fact there where musicians, actors, scientists and doctors in that school, all at different levels of learning and free to think outside the box.
Message is, think outside the box. Do not be pigeon holed into being a puppet, and being able to memorize information better that someone else. Because that is what schooling has become in our western society..
Write down your ideas, and journal your experiments, and experiences. And NEVER let anyone tell you that you can not do something. Say FUCK YOU to being a sheeple!
THINK outside the box and STRIVE to THRIVE in this dogmatic world of hypocrisy!

So here we are thriving on being unique and different, and in turn we should all be able to celebrate those qualities and encourage people to love and enjoy those qualities as attributes. Be proud of who you are, and what you are able to do.
As each of us has unique abilities, attributes that we can share and teach others.
But instead we condemn and pass judgement. Or we criticize, ostracize and pick on that we do not understand.
WHY is that?
I think it is because we do not see each other as an equal.
But it is because we see in others, what we lack in ourselves.
We are always trying to outdo each other in some way.
Are we spiritually lost.... Spiritually, have we forgotten that we ARE ALL ONE.........WE are all connected......

I do not care what colour your skin is....
I do not care what colour your eyes are....
I do not care if you do not have an education in the traditional sense, because you could be brilliant at what YOU DO.
But I would never know, if I choose to ignore you, or condemn you and judge you on just your appearance in front of me...How ignorant would I be? …...VERY.

So the message in this is...DO NOT pass judgement on people, or  a persons circumstances that you know nothing about.
Do Not criticize or condemn those who are different in anyway.
Accept people for who and what that truly are.
What you see in others, is what we should work on within ourselves.


We are all different.
We are all unique
We are ALL ONE


Tracey Coluzzi
Spirits Dreaming
"Awaken Your Spirit Within"

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