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The New Age Tricksters

The New Age Tricksters
Aptly named for the people we have, that come into out lives to teach us something.
I have had many a Trickster cross my path.
I thank every singleone of them, and I send them love and healing. I truly hope they find themselves, because they are not only lying to us, they are lying to themselves.
It is called being a hypocrite. They sprout spiritual stuff
and sound very convincing, but know very little of the bigger picture They can be very judgmental and easy to condemn others.

I had a woman cross my path. She is an amazing artist and I really admired her talent and natural abilities. It is just a pity that didn't extend further than just her art. Just because you read about spiritual stuff, and read a lot of books does not mean you are necessarily a spiritual person.
Have a look at your own personal life, because that will show you a myriad of issues that will keep popping up until you deal with them, and subsequently heal that part of yourself  & life.

I welcomed her into my life, thinking and hoping I had found a wonderful new spiritual friend.
I agreed to have her enter my home and stay for several days. While she was here, she had clients booked to come and have their guides or relatives drawn for them.
I gave up my bedroom so she could have the en suite and not have to traipse through the house to the toilet.
And it also gave my husband and I some privacy.
Well unfortunately I forfeited my room entirely for 3 days, I felt like an intruder in my own bedroom. Even my poor cat was unceremoniously booted out of her room too!

Then came the stench...and NO I am not being rude.
For a spiritual person, she sure uses a lot of toxic smelly crap.
I had a splitting headache for the three days she was here.
Of which, she reasoned it was something else entirely!
NO..... it was all the toxic crap you use on your face, hair, body!
It wasn't until she had left, and we had returned home, from carting her 70 klms to the Perth Airport, all for the LOVE of it:)
I cleaned out my room, having to air out my room and then sterilize my bedding and pillows, not because she was dirty. Because she had imbued the entire room in all the smelly shit.
When it came to emptying the bin in my room. It was full of chocolate and lolly wrappers and drink bottles (recyclable).
That is another thing.
I would hope, being a spiritual person you would know the impact humans are having on the planet and recycle...or is that just ME?
Absolute sugar addict this one is. And it shows in her skin.
If you are craving sweet drinks, cakes, biscuits, lollies, you have an imbalance. Whether it be hormonal or something else...get it checked.

I organised (including advertising) & booked her clients for her.
I set up my sacred space for her to work in.
I gave up my bedroom.
I cooked & cleaned.
I spent money on seafood for a meal and cooked it for us.
I drove her where ever she wanted to go in the 3 days she stayed including driving her to the airport.
In return I was left with a 100 year old antique table with a water stain left on it from having a damp flannel placed on it over night.
I found food and food wrappers under my bed. So you were eating and drinking in bed. (Actually Snowy, my cat found the food for me)
The 3 day headache and the judgmental attitude toward me were such a bonus, because I saw you for who you truly are.
So thank you (NOT) for using my home as a hotel, it will not happen again.

I have lost count of the times you told me people always used you, or took advantage of you, yet you do it to other people time and time again. 
And I allowed you to do it to me!  Only ONCE though.
I always thought it was common decency to THANK a person for their kindness, thoughtfulness, and willingness to accommodate your every whim during your stay with them.
And perhaps a phone call, email, text message, Sms, letter or card to say THANK YOU, afterwards would have been nice.
  I got sweet fuck all of the niceties, only judgement and ignorance.

Even though, you know nothing about me, you think you have the right to judge what you do know.
You only know, what I allow you to see. I briefly let you in to test the waters of friendship & trust, of which you failed miserably.

I fucking do not like judgmental people.
And I KNOW everything she was thinking and feeling, and not saying during this time. So judge me all you like lady.
What you dislike in me, is a reflection of you.
But don't pass judgements about people, when you know sweet F.A. about them.
People who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones, my dear!

I did receive some payment for all I did for this woman.  I received $100.00 cash, and she bought me lunch.  I am very grateful for that money. Much more grateful for such a valuable painless lesson.  We have since worked out it cost us $380.00 to accommodate her for 3 days, this includes power she used.
I haven't heard, hide nor hair from her since,  I am grateful for that also. Who needs selfish people in our lives, when there are heaps of really nice people out there to meet every day.

So here is some FREE information for you and others like you.
Look at yourself before you pass judgement on others.
Walk a day in someone else's shoes, before you think you know anything about them......... and you still don't!
What you judge/see in others, is what you should be working on within yourself. People are your mirror.
Read all your like, still doesn't make you spiritual, or a nice person.  How you act, speak, think, & how you conduct yourself in your daily life is a representation of being spiritual.
Think about your own carbon footprint.
Think about how much rubbish you create, & dispose of carelessly.
Think about the travel time, air time, & what the cost of that is on the earth.
JUNKY....Sugar Junky!
Get your hormones checked...something is seriously outta whack. Diabetes comes to mind.
RECYCLE!  No matter where you are, it is not difficult.
  You do not make friends or keep friends when you use them, & take advantage of their kindness and generosity!
Sort your SHIT OUT!
You have NO hope of getting a man with that attitude & expectations. All this shows in your energy, and at the moment you are repelling them.
LOVE yourself first, because no-one else can.
Don't pretend to be all love and light when you are a hypocrite.
If you could be as good a person, as you are an artist, you would be cloaked in gold.
You do deserve better, but while you are treating people the way you do...better is a long way off.

I was hurt and annoyed by your actions. And my first instinct was to confront you verbally, to rip your head off and shit down your neck!
If I had done that I would be as bad as you are, just in a different way.
So I said a prayer and gave it up to spirit, the divine, the god head to sort out, and heal this within me. 
As we all answer to a higher power. We are all connected.
More than 20 years of doing the work I do, I will not give my power away to anyone, and I will never ever doubt myself.

  I am grateful I will never see you again, but if we do happen to cross paths, do be prepared:)
In the mean time KISS MY ASS...Loving yours Tracey Coluzzi.

Spirits Dreaming “Awaken Your Spirit Within” 25.4..2013.

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