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Tracey's Two Bobs Worth


This is a post that I have copied and pasted from my facebook page.
I was written by a friend of mine and I felt the need to share it:)
Written by Steven Browne, Reiki Healer, Shaman, Teacher, Facilitator at Universal Healing Centre in Gingin, Western Australia.
DATED 6.6.2012.
I cant help this feeling that we really need to step up now....

Resources boom... mining boom, whatever you choose to call it.... selling off our farming properties to China..... and the list goes on.....why do we have so much debt... both as a nation and individually???..... why are we giving away so much... why are we allowing these greedy people to stockpile our resources and abuse other resources?... are we any better off? is being wasted and people are starving in other parts of the world... is this a good thing.... animals are being used and abused so that people may smell better!.. are West Australian enjoying rental increases of $150 per week?.... where is our responsible government in all this.... what happens when the demand stops or prices plummet?...where is their foresight?... why do they allow the possible destruction of beautiful and significant places like James Price Point and the greater Broome area through this controversial gas hub in an area that is both sacred and holds such a strong connection to our past... both physically and energetically? ... we are currently consuming resources in at a non-sustainable rate of in excess of 150% and rising! why why why? Our Earth Mother is going through a shift and so are we all... we need to support her... we all need to become more understand how we are all living and consuming and the effect on this beautiful planet that sustains us so lovingly... and to know that we are bringing about possible significant environmental and economical events, not to mention energetic, due to low vibrating and unconscious actions.... Ok, I'll step off my soap box now... but really... is this the future we desire to create?
Yes I can't help feel the same way as Steven Browne does.
I have watched this boom time destroy peoples lives all because of greed.
In this instance, it is a real estate agent who came to Mandurah to make a quick buck and fuck all who gets in her way! I am not able to name her for legal reasons, but I am sure, some of you have met a person like this in your life time.
I have a friend. She a single mum to two wonderful sons. She is single through no choice of her own, her partner was injured in an accident and took his own life for reasons I can not reveal  here.
I have known this lady for 12 years now and she has always keep an emaculate home, good hearty home cooked food for her and her family, and her children are smart and polite and on their way to being well educated.
She works hard doing cleaning during the day and studies at night to better herself.
Well that was up until 2 months ago, she was evicted from her rental property for a broken window. Which was an accident, her son dropped his bike and the handlebars hit the window and cracked it. It was repaired within a month but this was not sufficient.
This lady is now homeless and pretty much destitute! Her rental property started at $250.00 per week, and in less than 2 years this rental is now costing $380.00 per week for a 3 bed, 1 bath dump of a place that my friend had made into a home.
My friend made every rental place a home, she planted veggies and herbs, she planted plants and kept the gardens mulched, she kept lawns mowed and weeded all by herself it was a home with a garden her boys can safely play in.
She is such a fantastic mum to her boys and a good example of a hard working, honest & reliable person.
My heart is so sad for her at the moment.
I can do nothing more than offer my help in what ever way I can to support her through this tough time.
But this real estate agent should be ashamed of herself!
YOU my like Princess know nothing about life and real people.
You do not know how you have destroyed a good womans life and broken her spirit, she has nothing left to give and no energy or money to fight you in court.
So I pray that your karma is swift and precise, and you feel the pain you inflinct on others.
And I pray with my hand on my heart and tears running down my cheeks that my friend finds herself again and taps into that strength within her to go on for her and her children.
This is just one example of heartbreak in our community because of this boom we are having in Western Australia.
Good for a few, shit for many others!
This pillage and plundering and selfishness just has to stop.
Please think about the way you use your resourses.
Can you save money and save the planet by being more aware?
YES is the answer....YES   YES   YES.
I will write more about this soon
LOVE and HUGS to you and yours. xxx
Tracey Coluzzi
"Awaken Your Spirit Within"

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