Intuition and the False Prophet
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Tracey's Two Bobs Worth

Intuition and the False Prophet

I love synchronicity and how spirit protects me from nasty people. 
Many a lesson learnt years ago and now, in 2012 I am being shown the tricksters, the charlatans, the people who are only in it for the money.
Some are down right delusional, some are just misleading people, all of them are dangerous. 
What they are doing, is taking advantage of the vunerable. Scared people will do anything for answers, sick people will not use their intuition or gut instincts into weeding out the arseholes.
What concerns me the most, is the fact they are fucking with peoples minds, breaking people's spirit and ripping people off.
If someone makes really far out statements like......all the people in this room died for this person, or because of this person in past lives and has now come back to save you all,
ding ding ding BULLSHIT!
At a seminar, if someone says they have impregnated all the women (in that room) in a past life and is here to heal you all because of abandonment issues with the men in your life,  
ding ding ding BULLSHIT!
If someone says that they are a high vibrational being like Jesus or Mother Mary reincarnated and come back to save us all, and you have to pay this amount of money to be healed,
ding ding ding BULLSHIT!.
God is within us.
Jesus, Mary and many many Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels are working closely with humanity right now to assist us, I do not believe they are walking amongst us in human form, and certainly not as some fucking guru mesiah nut job!
INTUITION is a gift we all have, we become so busy and desensitised, we forgot how to listen and/or feel our intuition. That gut feeling when something goes wrong and you knew it was going to happen.  Learn to use your intuition, it is there for a reason, also your body will react before your brain does.
I am SO blessed, I have always had an excellent bullshit meter, but my nature is to trust first so I have been burnt, hurt and ripped off myself. I learnt to trust my own instincts, and work things out for myself. There are time you will need guidance, so ask a lot of questions.
When you go for a reading with someone, ask spirit, ask your guides to give you absolute proof this person 1. Is this person the real deal. 2. Are they tuned into your vibration, ask spirit for proof. Like a date, name or information no one else would know, or a relative to come through to give information only you would know.
Word of mouth recommendations are ideal.
It has been written that we will come into the time of the False Prophet...we are in that time now. We see it in our governments and politicians, in our banking systems, in our media.
We really must rely on our own wisdom, our own gut feeling on what is right an dwhat is bullshit. The bullshit is thick on the ground and we THE PEOPLE must speak up and make changes by voting with our feet. 
A lovely old saying which is so very true... When the Student is ready, a Teacher will appear. A teacher will come in many forms, family, friends, work colleagues, pets and animals in general can all be our teachers, so can total strangers.  A messenger will also show its self in many dirfferent ways, in human or animal form, in music, in news print, on Television, in our dreams.....
If things occur in threes, pay attention there is a message there for you. Eg:- the same song playing on the radio, but on three different radio stations in a row.
I am not a fortune teller, I do not predict lotto wins or relationship highs or woes.
My knowledge and my wisdom comes from first hand experiences, life experiences, pain, trauma, addictions, abuse and self harm, even suicide.
I am an empath, so I feel what my client is going through.
I am a psychic/medium but I find that I use that side of my abilities in a much different way than other psychic/mediums.
I am a healer, I have been attuned to Reiki. I am a conduit in many ways.
I transmute negative energies and I facilitate change.
I am a Teacher, giver of information.
I LOVE my work, I love my guides, angels, archangels and masters who assist me and assist others through me via my healings, readings, jewellery and now paintings. I honour, love and respect all who come to me for help. I take my work very seriously as I know I am working with the deepest parts of oneself and others to awake, to discover, to heal, to grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually.
I am a conduit, everything is energy.
I am able to see, feel, taste and smell energy, and my intuition and knowing is very strong, like tuning a radio to a station. I tune into you and your vibrational frequency by using your name and DOB vibration.
Through my paintings you are shown your true soul essence.
You can use meditation to receive guidance and facilitate healing through my paintings.
I teach people to find themselves, to accept themselves and to love hemselves. To discover all about themselves without having to pay another person hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars.
I also recommend other practitioners, as I am not trained in medicine or homeopathy etc. 
I give my clients information, book recommendations and websites to gleen as much information as possible.
I encourage people to search for their own truth, and keep asking questions until you figure out the answer.
I wear my heart on my sleeve, I tell people the truth with love and humility, I genuinely care deeply for people, animals, our environment, our Mother Earth.
Love and Hugs Beautiful people, LOVE & HUGS
Blessings of Abundance to you all.
Tracey Coluzzi

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