To all Sensitive or Empathetic people, this is for YOU with LOVE from ME.
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To all Sensitive or Empathetic people, this is for YOU with LOVE from ME.
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Tracey's Two Bobs Worth

To all Sensitive or Empathetic people, this is for YOU with LOVE from ME.

Being an Empath or a highly sensitive person can be a huge challenge if you do not know and or understand what is happening to you.
Empaths FEEL everything and it can be overwhelming because you feel and think all this 'stuff' you can sense/feel is yours.
It is not all you.
I was highly sensitive as a young child to chemicals, foods, fabrics, people, the environment.
By the time I went to school it wasn't as intense, and by the time I went to high school I was not sensitive at all.
I worked until aged 28 and fell and really badly damaging my spine.
I have written about this previously.
This one life changing event brought me back to basics, back to ground level and made me look for answers.
Being told you are going to be in a wheel chair before age 35, was not an option for me.
Having Doctors and Specialists that did not have a clue how to assist me in healing my own body was an eye opener.
Our healing is OUR responsibilty, trust your instincts, trust your body.
DO NOT trust someone who wants to legally drug you, and not guide you to heal yourself.
Through this journey of healing myself I opened up to being a highly sensitive empath and healer.
MANY brilliant healers are empaths, that innate ability to feel beyond your own existence is a gift.
Sadly many empaths do not reach a point in their lives where they can function normally and live a life they dreamed of, and many do not see this sensitivity as a gift.
I am nearly 50 years old and it has taken me all this time to be a Master of my own domain, so to speak.
My Mind, Body and Soul and finally all connected and the mastery of my life is blossoming every single day.
As an empath you must learn to shut your aura down, learn good strong spiritual protection, set healthy boundaries in your life, so you are not being used by others.
Prayer, Gratitude and Compassion are required also.
It is also necessary to refine what you put ON and IN your body. You must fuel your body with healthy REAL food, not all this mass produced crap disguised as food.
If it comes to you in a packet or tin it is not real food.
As far as what you put ON your body, soap, toothpaste, perfumes, aftershaves, deodorants, anti bacterial 'stuff', moisterisers, hair products, shaving products, waxing products, there are some many toxic products we inflict on our bodies and we wonder why we get sick!  And then, there is the power of one own mind. There is a lot to be said about positive thoughts and positive input.
Everything is energy, become aware of your own energy and the energy of others, empaths do this naturally. But there is more to this, by understanding the energies you will not only get to know yourself better. You will recogise negative energies in people and places and learn to avoid these situations until you become proficient at protecting yourself. 
Also family and friends who make you feel bad about yourself or bad about being sensitive, it is okay to either let them go out of your life, or set healthy boundaries so they do not effect you.
It has been well over 20 years since I have been able to work a normal job.
I went back to work by choice.
This week I started a job that I love.
I am working with like minded people and my boss is gorgeous.
The lady training us has the patience of a saint, with a kind and gentle nature.
And we have a resident ghost or 3 in the cafe.
I haven't picked up on anyone's negative energies, I haven't been effected by perfumes etc.
I just KNOW that spirit is helping me and I am SO SO very grateful.
I wish to give thanks and send love to my guides, angels, archangels, ancients and ancestors, my guardian angel, Ascended Masters...I know I am never alone.
I love you with all my heart, and I am so grateful to have learnt to connect with you all.
You do not need a church.
You do not need a religion.
GOD is within us, we are all connected. 
Look within, awaken to the true you, awaken to the truth.

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