How I nurture and Heal myself
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How I nurture and Heal myself

As a young child I was always sick with every childhood illness known to man, or I was just over loaded.
I suffered from tonsilitis alot, which meant a trip to the doctors and antibiotics.
Back then (late 60's, early 70's), Mum and Dad had a wood stove.
We would regularly go out bush to collect wood for the stove.
Jarrahdale or Serpentine were the usual areas we were allowed to collect wood.
Mum and Dad and my two brothers all loved field Mushrooms. I loathed to eat them, but I loved picking them with my family. So in winter we would be mushy hunting, this was a weekend journey into the farm lands and paddocks. Jumping fences and getting chased by the occasions bull or pissed off farmer not happy, that we were on their land.
Little did I realise, these little jaunts were to clear me out of all the unwanted crap my little sponge like empathetic mind, body and soul took on, and in and it would re-energise me.
I would also go back to a normal sleeping pattern, and  my appetite would return.
It has taken me years to get used to being this sensitive.
I must take care of myself and listen to what my body requires. I am very intune with myelf, very rarely am I wrong about what my body is doing.
I use all nature methods to heal myself and I very, very rarely go to a Doctor.
I do have an amazing Doctor, Ariel Schultz, he is the most incredible healer I have ever met.
Ariel has helped me immensely with my monthly cycle and the pain I experience with it.
He has also removed a cataract from my right eye, all from a distance. NO pain, NO surgery. AMAZING. I have perfect sight again.
He has also assisted my cats. Two of which would be dead now, if it were not for Ariel's amazing abilities.
Snowy had eaten mushrooms from our front lawn, it very nearly killed her and so did the vet.
Tiggar had a ND experience with a blocked bowel. I prayed to the angels for assistance, and on the dead knell of Tiggar being given an injection to go to sleep, she passed the whole almond she had swallowed. (We couldn't afford the $$$ for surgery, so we had decided to have her put to sleep). Tiggar had been put on a drip to help her pass the blockage. All the pressure on her kidneys and bladder, she had terrible leakage and was in shock when we got her home.
Ariel assisted us again, by helping Tigger, she survived and has had no bladder issues.
I use Aromatherapy oils and make my own body products, only in small quantities.
I use Natural olive oil soap, natural peppermint & aloe toothpaste and my shampoo is from Akin Products.
TIP: Don't waste your money on conditioner. Use a natural shampoo suited to your hair NO need for a conditioner.
I use powdered vitamins that I mix with water, no wastage or over dosing.
I use Liquid Echinacea that I buy from Cattalini's chemist in Fremantle.
I use senegar with ammonia cough mixture, as I am prone to coughs.
I use Collodial Silver I get from a Traditional Chinese Therapist, her makes it himself in small batches.
I use bicarb soda and vinegar to clean my entire house.
The only chemical I have is Dettol, and windex window cleaner.
TIP:- Don't bother buying fabric softener. All it does is coats the fibres of your towels and makes them water repellent.
I live this way through necessity, but it saves us a bucket of cash.
I do not wear make-up, mostly because I am allergic to so many products, it is not worth the itchy rashes I experience.
I do not wear perfume as I am allergic to all of them.
I also shop for natural fibres for my clothing, bedding etc, as much as possible.
And then comes food.
I cook all my own food from scratch.
This way I know what I am eating and I know it is mostly healthy. We do have a home takeaway food night.
Where I make burgers, or bacon & eggs or fish & chips, pizza's.
I eat organic as much as I can.
I buy my Fruit & Veg from my local growers and NOT from bloody Coles, IGA or Woolworth's.
I use fresh herbs and spices as much as I can.
I use AUSTRALIAN products over foreign imports, particularly Olive Oil.
Imported Olive Oil is most likely rancid by the time you purchase it.
Also I MOVE, get off your butt and move Tracey!   LOL
Clean your own house, uses up heaps of calories.
Walk or exercise daily, even if it is only 30 mins...Hey 10 mins 3 x times a day is good also.
Exercise my brain by doing mental agility games, cross words.
I Sing, Dance, Play, Paint, Draw, Create, BE creative, meditate.
Now I know you are wondering WTF has all that got to do with the title of the blog.
EVERYTHING......all these things are accumulative, all these things together are a collective. They all help heal, and nurture my body.
Take care of your body and it will take care of you.
We take for granted how bloody amazing our bodies really are.
We take for granted the fact it works no matter how much we abuse it, or neglect it....right?
Take responsibility for your own healing, your own health.
When your health is gone, it is mighty tough OR sometimes not possible at all, to return your body to good health.
Don't take it for granted.
Change is good.
I LOVE living,
I LOVE being alive.
Remember to heal your mind, body and soul

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