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Helen-Augusta, West Aust. Tracey is a kind-hearted soul who is here to assist humanity in their ascension process, their journey, their path.
Her jewellery is part of this process and contains the most sacred energies available to all those who are ready to walk in their full divinity.
Having recently requested a reading from Tracey I have such respect for what she is able to do. Tracey is able to get to the deep, nitty gritty emotional stuff we, as humans tend to shove down into our bodies until it makes us sick. It is confronting to have such truths put before you, and yet it is a blessing to be free from the pain that comes with hiding from one's self. I can highly recommend working with Tracey. I have my early tune up with her to gain insight on where I am at in life. Blessings and Love to all. Helen...January 2016.
Hi Tracey,
I hope this finds you well and happy. I am writing to feedback on the drum healing and reading you did for me. I found both very helpful. What made it work for me is your ability to tap into the Higher Self, both yours and the clients, and bring through information that is pertinent to the clients’ spiritual development as well as day to day stuff. Your honesty, integrity and humility make it easy for the Masters to speak through you and this is what it’s all about if we are to grow and unfold on our path of service. Keep up the good work and keep growing your connection with the Inner Planes.
Morgana, Fremantle, Western Australia.
My name is Brodie. I recently met Tracey on Facebook. Since meeting Tracey she has provided me with heaps of info, good advice & has been my friend & someone to talk to about anything. I was on a dark path in life & I knew it. I was searching for..... freedom, life! SOMETHING, I don’t know what!?? I was very confused & angry. I shared some of my troubles with Tracey & she said exactly what I needed to hear. Tracey is a very clever, wise & intuitive person. I can tell she's learnt a lot from her life's experiences. She has made me feel less alone in the world & has given me hope for a better future for myself & the whole world. If everyone was a little like Tracey we would already be in heaven :) Ur a magical person Tracey & I love ya for it!
Brodie E. Qld, Australia. October 2011

      Hi, my name is Dorit I live in the NT, Australia. October 2011.
      I first met Tracey many many years ago, but I only just recently met Tracey again on FB, and I was so delighted. I love her web page and the beautiful jewellery she is making. I am always looking forward to log on to Facebook to see what Tracey has posted as she is always ready to share anything that touches the body, mind, soul and spirit, not to mention the mouth watering yummy recipes. Super healthy ones of course I have to one day try them all. Recently I asked Tracey for a distant reading and also a reading of a photo in which I can see a spirit, not a reflection as everybody else is saying. It is not a reflection, it does not look anything like any reflection. The reading Tracey gave me was about what is going on deeply inside my very core, all that stuff that no one would ever know about me.I was very touched when I was reading it, it just gave me so much meaning and I felt at peace, like all the puzzle bits had come together, and that it was okay to be me, it was like I finally had got the guidance on how to bless my past and cherish my present and how important it is not to get caught up in this incredible fast time and forget who we truly are.It was also something in it that made my hair stand up, I knew exactly what Tracey was talking about, and it is no way that she could have known this. It was not any big issues, just part of life, but areas that definitely needed attention, and other areas that just needed some guidance to get me motivated. Of course the reading was raising questions and still is, but Tracey is very generous with healing, advice and guidance, and I know that she always will be, because that is just the person Tracey is, a Healer.The whole experience with my reading has given me a lot more confidence in myself, and I feel a bit funny to say that, because it was not a confidence course I enrolled in. I just got that nice warm fuzzy feeling that everything is okay and that I am okay and that it is okay to be me. I will treasure my reading forever. Lots of Love to Tracey xxx

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust.
Tracey at SPIRITS-DREAMING was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding.
Keep up the good work!”  Catherine, N.T.
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