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I have many requests on Facebook for recipes. I decided I would put them on my website for you to enjoy.   
Let me know what ones you like or dislike, what ones you tweaked to suit your tastes.

Roasted Vegetable Salad.
4 x Large Potatoes
1 x Large Sweet Potato
ROAST vegetables for 20 minutes then ADD in
1 x Head of Garlic-broken up into individual cloves, leave skin on.
1 x Red Onion, cut into pieces. As it cooks quicker.
Rinse off a tin of chickpeas, place in large bowl, drizzle with oil and shake to coat in oil, sprinkle with turmeric cumin,  & few pinches of a good quality sea salt or himalayan salt. Shake to coat, and tip over the roasted vegetables. Roast until potatoes are cooked.
Take Garlic out and remove skin, place into serving  bowl.
Take Vegetables out of oven, place all  ingredients into a large serving bowl/dish.

I added ONE punnet of Cherry Tomatoes that I cut in half. 
Along with a packet of Baby Spinach (300g) that has been rinsed  in cold running water, and drained, and gently dry in tea towel,  to the top off the roasted ingredients, and sit through.

Serve onto plates and add Sundried Tomatoes, Marinated Feta Cheese and fresh Avocado, 1/2 each per person.
I used an oil and balsamic vinegar homemade dressing, 2 parts oil to 1 part balsamic, whisk to combine and drizzle over salad.

THIS SERVING is enough for 2 people for dinner, and my husband Mark takes the remainder to work the next day for his lunch. 



I make everything from scratch. I haven't used a packet mix, tin or jar mix in years. 
Everything tastes better FRESH!  PLEASE use ORGANIC dried and fresh spices.

2 x teaspoons Cumin Powder
3 cloves of Garlic or 1 or 2 x teaspoons of powder or granules
1/2 x teaspoon Paprika (sweet)
Salt and Pepper to taste.

for an extra kick add 1/2 x teaspoon chilli powder.
for Beef Chilli Recipe add up to 2 x teaspoons Chilli Powder.

Traditional Taco Recipe
2 x tablespoons Olive Oil or Rice Bran Oil
1 kg Beef mince
2 x Brown Onions diced finely
4 x tablespoons Organic Tomato Paste.
4  x cups Water
2 x teaspoons Beef Stock (Massel)

Fry off meat in pan, once cooked remove from pan and drain fat.
Fry off onions until soft, add spice powder, cook for 2/3 mins. (to toast off spices to release aromas.)
Add Tomato paste and cook that off also, meanwhile stir to combine all ingredients.
Add Meat back into pan. To add a depth of flavour you can use wine or scotch/bourbon to deglaze pan.
Add Beef stock and bring to boiling point, turn down and simmer until desired consistency of sauce.
You can add a tin of diced (organic) tomatoes if you like a runnier sauce.
Simmer until you have desired thickness in the sauce.

I make a salsa of  red & green capsicum, and fresh tomatoes, 1/2 Avocado per person to accompany meal.

Serve with Taco shells, Tortillas or what ever mexican style accompaniment you like.

90g Butter
2 x tablespoons Olive Oil
3 x LEAN Bacon rasher finely diced, remove as much bacon fat as possible, or use Speck.
1.5kg x  Chicken pieces
250g x  Button Mushrooms
1 x large Brown Onion, finely diced
1 x large Carrot, washed, top n tail end off and finely diced
2 x stalks Celery, slice stalks lengthwise and dice finely
1 x cup White Wine
1 x cup Chicken Stock (Massel) or Water
140g x Tomato Paste
1/4  x cup Plain Flour
1/4 x cup Fresh Parsley Chopped gently, do not bruise leaves.
Salt & Pepper to taste.

*Chicken Stock can be salty, so taste before adding more salt.

Add Oil and half the Butter to hot pan and brown off chick pieces in batches. Remove from pan &set chicken on paper towel to drain.
Turn heat down to low.
Add Onion, Garlic cook for few mins until softened, add Celery, Carrot cook for further 3 mins, add Bacon &  Mushrooms  and cook for further 5 mins. Remove from pan.
Add remaining Butter..melt it before adding Flour. Cook flour off, this will take away flour taste, and become the sauce. (2 mins)
Add Wine to deglaze pan, this gets all the yummo bits off bottom of pan, and it becomes the favouring for the sauce.
Add Stock, stir until it starts to thicken.
Add Tomato Paste stir through until combined.
Add Chicken, Bacon, Veggies etc back into pan and simmer gently for 45 mins, or until chicken is cooked through.

Lastly add in Parsley, just before serving.

Serve with your choice of Brown Rice, Quinoa, or other accompaniment. 
1 x Chorizo Sausage, finely diced, fry off in pan, remove and set aside.
1 x Organic Chicken Breast.
1 x Brown Onion, peeled finely diced
1 x Carrot, finely diced
2 x large Celery Sticks, finely diced
1 x zucchini, take off ends and finely dice.
2 x Garlic cloves, diced
2 x tins diced Organic Tomatoes
2 x cups Stock (500ml)
1/2 cup risoni pasta or your choice of soup pasta's
40g spinach leaves, finely shredded
Lemon zest
Flat Leaf Parsley to serve
Crusty Bread to serve
Cook off chorizo, remove and set aside.
Add Onion, Carrot, Celery, Garlic & Zucchini, cook until soft.
Add Tomato Paste and cook for 1 min in pan.
Add Stock and Chorizo, and tin tomatoes.
Add chicken and simmer until chicken is cooked through (15 mins) approx.
Remove and set on plate to shred meat.
Add Chicken and Pasta into pot and simmer for 6 - 8 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Add in shredded Spinach, stir through.
Remove from heat and serve.
Add Lemon Zest & Parsley, Garlic (Gremolata)
Add good quality Parmesan Cheese to the top also.
You can add a crack of black Pepper if you like.
Serve with crusty bread.

I have wanted to make this for over 10 years and never got around to it until just recently.
YUMMO 10/10
2  x Large Oranges
250g Organic Almond meal
1 x Teaspoon Organic Baking Powder
3/4 cup Organic Coconut Sugar
6 x Organic Free Range Eggs

Large pot of water, place orange in cold water bring to boil, simmer for 2 hours.
Remove and cool then blitz until smooth.
Add Coconut Sugar and Eggs to mixing bowl and beat until sugar is dissolved.
Add Orange pulp and mix until combined.
THEN add Almond meal and baking powder, combine and pour into cake tin.
HINT:-sprinkle Baking Powder through almond meal and stir with a fork to distribute BEFORE adding into mixing bowl.

Usual deal with any baking, line base of cake tin and sides spritzed with spray oil.
Use a 22cm round tin.
160 degree oven and bake for 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 mins.
Use skewer to test if cake is cooked. Skewer should come away clean with no cake residue on it. 
Do not overcook it, it will burn.

Dust with Organic Icing Sugar. 
Serve with your favourite cuppa

This cake is so simple and quick to make. It is moist and very morish.

I tablespoon Of ground Cinnamon (organic)
2 cups Organic Oats
1 cup Organic Chia Seeds
1 Cup Organic Coconut shredded
1 cup of Hemp Seeds
1/2 cup Organic Dried Cranberries
1/2 cup Organic Dried Sour Cherries-DICED
1/4  cup of Organic Sunflower seeds

Get a small pot over a low heat and combine
1 teaspoon Organic Vanilla Paste
1 cup of Organic Nut Butter of your choice...
(Cashew is nicer, but higher fat content. Almond Butter is nice, or Peanut Butter for a cheaper option.)
3/4 cup Organic Maple Syrup.
Heat until nut butter has becomes malleable. 

Whisk three eggs and add these to the mixture and use some muscle to mix it well to combine. 
This step takes some effort.
Press into chosen tray dish and bake.

PREHEAT oven to 160 degree and bake for 20 mins or until golden on top.
Remove from oven and slice while still hot.
Keeps in refrigerator for up to one week.
BUT I guarantee it wont last that long
Store in airtight container in fridge.

2 x 400g tins of Borlotti Beans
1 x 400g tin of Cannellini Beans
8 Eye pieces of bacon or 200g of speck bacon fat removed and diced finely.
2 x medium sized Brown Onions, finely diced
2 x chillies red or green of your choice, finely diced
(I blitz onion, chillies and garlic cloves in blitzer.)
4 tablespoons Organic Tomato Paste
8 x cloves of Garlic or two tablespoons of dried (ORGANIC) garlic.
2 x tablespoons Australian Mustard (sweet & tangy)
2 x Dried Organic Bay Leaves
4 x cloves Organic
1/4 cup Red Wine
1/4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar (Organic)
1/4 cup Maple Syrup
1/4 teaspoon White Pepper
1/4 teaspoon salt  ** TASTE IN BEFORE ADDING SALT**
200mls of water or stock
METHOD   to follow shortly*** I will be back

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