CANCER - Dont let them scare the crap out of you!
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CANCER - Dont let them scare the crap out of you!
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CANCER - Dont let them scare the crap out of you!

Cancer is a word, and not a death sentence. The Doctors in their infinite wisdom have sadly sold their souls to the pharmaceutical companies and those that haven't, have been threatened to be stuck off the medical register. There are some brilliant doctors and scientist who have lost their lives...but people choose to see the truth as an urbane myth so as to not burst their safe little bubble. That is okay, until you are diagnosed with cancer or some other dis-ease and you become a number in a system designed to keep you sick and keep you dependent on THEM!

BAM!!! so sorry to shatter your reality. 
I can not do anything other than being honest with you.
Just don't let them scare the crap out of you.

They will tell you it is urgent (if they dont they get their asses sued)
They will tell you a time frame you need for treatment. (if they dont they can get sued)
They will hound the crap out of you, if you dont tell them to back the fuck off. (because they make you vulnerable, frightened and may force you into make decisions the ration mind wouldn't normally make.)
They will not tell you, MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!
They will not tell you, YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF!
They will not tell you, to go home and have a think about it with the correct literature and books to educate yourself on ALL of your options.

NOW...I am not saying do not go to the doctors. 
I am saying find a good doctor and get the correct diagnosis and a treatment plan. 
THEN find a good naturopath and nutritionist and treat yourself with whole foods...a plant based eating regime will boost your essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes. You can do this alongside the treatment plan you choose. WHY?  Because food...REAL food is your medicine. 
ORGANIC or home grown is ideal.  If not, find the freshest fruit and veg as possible. 
ANOTHER TIP:- (remember I live in Western Australia)
...avoid mainstream supermarkets (Coles & Woolworths) because the fresh food section in teeny, tiny and the crap fills the stores. And go to your local Organic shop, Farmers Markets, Fremantle Markets, and places like Malibu Fresh in Waikiki in Rockingham, Western Australia and Gilbert's Fresh stores..
Buy LOCAL, support ORGANIC FARMING or BIO-DYNAMIC FARMING over toxic mainstream practices.
I have avoided all red meat, dairy and ALL refined sugars. 
I have gone to a plant based diet for 80% of the time. When I crave something I have one day a week I can eat normal food.
I still do not consume, junk foods, take away foods, anything in a packet, no alcohol. 
I will have fish or chicken or pasta, I still include tonnes of veggies.  Nuts, seeds, herbs and spices can liven up a dish. Learning to use these can be tricky but worth it once you get the measurements right. 

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