Living LIFE in the the now
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Tracey's Two Bobs Worth

Living LIFE in the the now

Staying in the Moment.

Have you ever wondered what that means STAYING IN THE MOMENT?

I have been making a conscious effort to silence my monkey mind particularly when the inner dialogue becomes negative in any way. I have also been making the conscious effort to be kind to myself and lovingly gentle; this has the flow on affect of reaching others. Staying heart centred by staying out of my head and seeing and feeling through my heart centre. OH MY GOD the world is beautiful and stunningly in the moment I have been able to see this beauty.

When was the last time you got to listen to the birds first thing in the morning? Such a glorious cacophony of sounds and singing of the myriad of bird life we have around us.

 When was the last time you looked up and watched the clouds form and then disappear again?

When did you last get the chance to sit amongst the trees in a parkland setting or bushland, better still a FOREST?

Have you ever sat and watched animals in their natural habitat?  If not, observe your pets. Try to see life through their eyes. All animals are sentient beings, meaning they feel pain like humans to. They feel emotions like humans do. They react to stress and death like humans do. Animals only ever kill for survival. Humans kill to be superior.

Animals innately know how to live in the moment.  Animals can teach us so much about ourselves and about life. And humans have a lot to learn, so please pay attention to the animal encounters you have on a daily basis, or even just for a day or two.  Scott A. King has some awesome books on the subject of animals and what messages they have for us.

Living in the moment includes freeing ourselves from all hatred, fears, anger and violence. Living in the moment is being grateful for everything and everyone in your life, the good, the bad, and the indifferent. Hold no grudges, seek no revenge, forgive and move on...forward is the preferred direction. Nothing is a mistake or an accident. Everything is as it should be, by divide right we are all where we should be.  SO, live in this moment...right NOW. ENJOY IT.

Love and Blessings  - Tracey Coluzzi 26.9.2015.

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