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Here are some guidelines I hope will assist you in choosing a health practitioner, or psychic reader. In this day and age psychics and gurus are a dime a dozen, and there is nothing more damaging than a charlatan masquerading as a healer or reader.
I have professional friends who are the one's to pick up the pieces for people who have been taken advantage of, or had healing performed by a toxic person. 
There are tricksters in all professions, so use your instincts when choosing your next self professed guru!

As a healer and psychic/medium, I take what I do very seriously. I am often delving into tender areas in people's lives. People come to me when they are vulnerable or unsure of their path. I will give you the information you require to work your way through your challenges, or break through to the next level of learning. I love what I do, and I offer people an uplifting informative experience. My clients must walk their own path, I am merely here to assist you in finding what is right for you.
Please if you have serious health issues or mental health issues, a psychic is not for you, seek professional help.

1.  When looking for a psychic or a healer do your own research first and foremost. Word of mouth is good. Getting business cards from a local health food stores, or organic store for example, is another great idea. Check out websites, and Facebook pages of potential practitioners you wish to see. Call them and ask a lot of questions. Are they a registered business? Are they insured? Are they registered or affiliated with any Institutions etc...EG; Reiki Institute. What Qualification do they have? What do they provide? And what if their fee? How much experience do they have in their chosen field?

2. For you personally, within yourself, look for or feel for a physical reaction from your body when given certain information. You may get goosebumps or the tingles as a Yes confirmation to information given to you during a reading. That is a good sign. If a gut type reaction is felt, this would be a sign (for me) that the information does not resonate, or feel right.  Also, look for the synchronistic happenings that spirit will set up and put right in front of you. Anything in your life that happens in threes, pay attention to. 

3. Have a realistic expectation from your reading....meaning do not take everything as gospel. You are the creator and maker of your own life and destiny. We create our own reality every second of each and every day. And you always have free will. Spirit will not guilt you, or punish you. Your guides & angels are loving, non judgmental, compassionate beings.

4. Not every reader will get the same or even similar information. Different readers work in different ways. Some use cards like oracle or tarot. Some may even use a crystal ball as a conduit. Be discerning with the information given, you can ask your Guides or Angels for confirmation the information is right for you. Be rest assured your guides and angels will NOT harm you, hurt you, be offensive, or upset you, be mean or hurtful in a deliberate way. So if information given doesn't sit right with you, if it doesn't resonate with what you believe to be right and truthful...challenge the information given. Walk out if you have to.

5.  Be very wary of readers who speak of curses or black magic. Or people who ask for money to remove such things. Or continually try and sell you something else you NEED!!.
A reading should be uplifting and informative, not dark and potentially terrifying. You should leave a reading feeling better than when you walked in. You should leave a reading with your questions answered, and the tools to tackle the next part of your life.

6.  Be very wary of someone who reads your energy without your permission. Or reads a photo of someone without their permission. THIS is a big NO! NO!. This is like reading someone's personal mail without them knowing. It is rude and unethical. Be wary of someone who gives you information without you asking for it, this is ego driven and simply to show off. What we do as psychics or mediums, has gone beyond being a sideshow act!

7.  Be wary of a readers who ask a lot of questions fishing for answers. It is okay if the question require a simply YES or NO answer, as this is often clarifies the information being given.

8.  Make sure you are open to receiving the information given by not closing off your body with certain body language moves like crossed arms and legs down to the feet. A reader requires a flow of energy for the reading to be conducive. Open minds, open hearts is a receiver of good information.  If you are fearful, you are in the wrong place.

9.  Once you have had a reading, wait at least 6 to 12 months before you go and have another readings. Try not to psychic swap, the information is NOT going to change just because you change psychics. You are better off building a rapport with a good psychic/spiritual teacher, working through the challenges or exercises you may have been given, before you go back for more. There will come a time for you to move onto another teacher, that is when you seek out someone else. Do not rely on a psychic to run your life for you, if they do so, they are a charlatan! YOUR Life is YOUR journey, so live it for yourself.  

10.  Do not psychic shop, same as do not doctor shop. If you have serious health or mental health issues, PLEASE seek professional help as soon as humanly possible. Take full responsibility of your life, of your actions, and of the words and feelings you have. Everything is energy, and that energy creates your own reality, that is the reality you exist in. If you do not like your reality change it by changing the way your think, feel and speak.

11.  Last be not least; make sure you do your own spiritual protection. Ask your Guides and Angels for the energy/information be for your highest good, and from the highest and purest source there is. White Light, Violet Light, Gold whatever it is you do as spiritual protection.

So there you go...I hope this information has helped you.
I LOVE YOU and care about you all deeply.
I am here to help others enjoy their existence on this planet.
I am here to empower you and help you grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
I am here to share the knowledge, share the wisdom and Awakening Your Spirit Within.

Blessings Tracey Coluzzi
Ancient Wisdom Healing Centre...8/11/2014.


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