Breast Cancer A GIFT, not a death sentence!
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Tracey's Two Bobs Worth

Breast Cancer A GIFT, not a death sentence!

Today I write about something that touches more women than not, and men, and a lot of children.....It is cancer. Breast cancer in my case.
Cancer IS curable!
Cancer is purely an imbalance in your body. It is your bodies last ditch attempt to bring balance back to your life, by creating a protective mechanism to get you to change your life.  CANCER is a survival mechanism, and WAKE UP call.
It is a DIS-ease, not a death sentence.

This is my story, I hope it helps you make the right decisions for you and your health.
What did cancer mean to me? 
It is my birth sign, and it now represents an imbalance in my body that requires correcting ASAP!.
Feb last year I got a spider bite from a white tail spider. For 13 months and 12 days I have been experiencing the effects of this very toxic spider.
Drs would have you believe this spider is relatively harmless, and to not worry about being bitten. The necrosis is only a minor side effect that very few people experience.
Well I have heard stories about people dying from the toxicity of this spider. One man lost his legs from the waist down, they had to amputate due to ongoing infections, that eventually reach his abdomen and it was all too late to save his legs, luckily they saved his life though...all be it years TOO late. 
BUT this is a whole other story.

You would be wondering what that incident has to do with the cancer.....  Yes?
It was the catalyst for my poor health, low immune system, very acidic body and eventually cancer!
I KNOW that is what has happened.
I was not in an Alkaline state internally for a very long time,  I wasn't eating properly at all. I had no energy, and was really sick for a long time.
I was also beating myself up mentally, being very unkind and not at all loving to myself. Constantly berating myself for each loss I had experienced, or thought I had experienced. A loss in employment, clients, money, self esteem, self worth, motivation, and I went back to smoking pot.
You can not berate yourself and be unloving to yourself for a long time, without it effecting you...for it is like taking poison, and I was doing it everyday for 10 months or more! 

So today is some 26 days since the diagnosis and I defied the Drs request/demand of me to cut, poison and burn my body, to rid myself  of the cancer!  I did it MY way. The most natural way I can do it, with FOOD!  Good NUTRITION!
Well I figured....I healed my back, I healed the cat bite, I healed the spider bite, and I can heal the cancer too!

There is a reason for everything.... all our hurt, pain, grief, sadness, depression, comes from events in our lives that create an emotional response and memory.
It is up to us, to re-discover what made us have an emotional response and stored the memory of it in your body. Acknowledge it, re-define it, heal it, release it, and rewrite your life.   Our bodies are cellular and it retains memories like a computer filing system. We can memory recall anything, if we want too and/or train our brain to do the recall on a whim.   Most, not so happy things are hidden, forgotten deep within the sub-conscious...only to bubble to the surface when the time is right, and the lesson is to be learned perhaps? 
Acknowledge, heal, release!
You can not escape your 'issues', for they will keep bubbling up until you deal with them. So deal with them as soon as they happen, if not, as soon as you remember them, or have it come up time and again in your life until you do.
Do not hold grudges, because you hold the other person/people on the receiving end of the grudge, in a perpetual loop, until you deal with it and release them....this too, is like taking poison yourself.
Hating someone, directing bad energy to someone, is like taking poison yourself. So forgive and forget.
Negative emotions are a waste of energy.  in the long run the only person who will suffer is YOU!.
And that goes for beating yourself up also. Don't worry be happy is a great motto.

I will write more about this topic another night.

I will leave you with this YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF. I will shoe you how I did it, in the next blog. 

Be HAPPY, be LOVE, find JOY, give GRATITUDE and be compassionate and yourself first and ALL others.

formally trading as Spirits Dreaming.


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