Be REAL and do No harm, walk with kindness, speak with love.
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Tracey's Two Bobs Worth

Be REAL and do No harm, walk with kindness, speak with love.

I have had a few comments from people about my last blog....good and not so good.
For those who know me, this is a no brainer.
For those who do not know me, this is an insight into me, Tracey the spiritual being, living a human existence.
I say it how it is. And If I have something to say, I will always say it to your face, and not behind your back.
But if you avoid me and talk about me behind me back, I WILL know, I will feel it. So grow an backbone and speak your truth. I may hurt those it is aimed at, but said in truth and not hatred is a good thing. Holding onto your hurts and anger is very bad for your body.
The same as talking about people without knowing the truth, is foolish. To ASSume, is to make an ass outta u & me. Please never assume you know what is going on in anotherpersons life, unless you have firsthand experience and knowledge about them.
My situation was not handle the way I would have preferred, nor the way I normally do things. Still, I will not appologise for being real, and telling it how it is. I will offer up an appology when I am wrong, and will always keep my word.
But I will not be walked over, and have someone talk about me, when they no sweet FA!
So no apologises for being real my sweet. And if you dont like it, I really do not care.
I am THE most loyal and faithful friend, I will stand by my mates through thick and thin. I let very few people into my personal sanctuary, and if I have, or if I do please know it is rare:). So show me the love, respect, kindness and loyalty that I have afforded you, and there will be no problems.

I wish everyone spoke the truth.
I wish everyone had a backbone and a conscience, and high moral standing. But they don't.
Being who I am, doing what I am able to do, I KNOW when I am being lied to, or manipulated.
And you may THINK you have gotten away with it....but I firmly believe in karma, and what goes around comes around.
And EVERYTHING happens for a reason. THAT is what I trust in.

I would rather live in truth, than die in a lie.  My life is real and their are no secrets. I have nothing to hide, because I am always true to myself, and live with the consequences of my own actions.
Words are powerful, and said without meaning and useless, and potentially harmful.
So love me or leave me, just don't bullshit me, and look like a fool.
Thank you for your comments. I hope you all learn from your own experiences.
Remember people are our mirror.
And everything happens for a reason, that reason may not always becomes apparent.
I love you and I will write again soon.
Spirits Dreaming
"Awaken Your Spirit Within"
Tracey Coluzzi

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