Unable to see the wood for the trees!
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Tracey's Two Bobs Worth

Unable to see the wood for the trees!

It is so difficult to see the wood for the trees when you are in the midst of a challenging situation.
(Meaning:-if someone can't see the wood for the trees, they are unable to understand what is important in a situation because they are giving too much attention to details After you've spent years researching a single topic you get to a point where you can't see the wood for the trees.)
, as a whole is going through a huge shift that is bringing massive changes to people's lives. And as tough as it may seem, it WILL improve.
I believe everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we just can not see the reason for really crappy things to happen in our lives and wonder what the fuck have we done to deserve this?
Something good will come of this.
See this as an opportunity and not as a detriment in your life.
Know that this too will pass.
No matter how tough it gets, please hang in there...it will get better.
I have been to the edge of the abyss and there is a way back.
You have the strength within yourselves to survive this.
No matter the situation you find yourself in right now.
There IS a solution.
There IS an answer.
There IS another option, another way to do things.
It is a matter of finding a good support group of friends, family etc.
It is a matter of finding the correct information for you.
It is a matter of finding a good, doctor, or specialist.
Finding a well established company or business to employ you. Finding a partner who will care your dreams and care for you into old age.
Most importantly ASK FOR HELP. You do not have to do this on your own.
Whatever the situation there will be an outcome.
That outcome will depend on how you think and feel about it.
If you are thinking everything will be bad.....that is exactly what you will get.....a bad outcome.
If you are thinking there is a better way and more positive outcome, and look for it, and take action, in a positive manner your world will change. The situation may be dire, but the outcome can be much better.
It is all in the thinking, it is how you perceive your reality.
In this whole process be kind to yourselves and all those involved, as everyone is living this life and may be experiencing challenging times also.
By taking control of your life, by taking charge of your mental state and the way you think and feel about a situation, you can change your entire existence.
I have been in many situations throughout my lifetime where I thought I couldn't go on. Until I found the strength within myself to keep living.
It is that simple, make a choice....
You can choose this current reality as your own...OR you can create a whole new reality, purely be changing the way you think about things.
Be Strong, Be Brave, Be your own best friend.
Treat yourself with the kindness you give others.
Know that you are here for a reason, and that is yet to be discovered.
May your Angels step forth and guide you on your path.
May their wings envelope you when you feel vulnerable.
May you feel their love and support, as you are never alone.
Love to you and yours
Tracey Coluzzi
Spirits Dreaming
"Awaken Your Spirit Within"

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