Healing your body
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Healing your body

It never ceases to amaze me, how as humans we are able to carry around so much emotional crap that it becomes physical. We are cellular and all our emotions, and information is stored in those cells until we deal with it and release it as we heal ourselves. I have been working on myself since 1992, and I am only just now getting to all those underlying issues that are really and truely buried deep
within my memory bank of cells.
It has gotten to the point my whole body inside and skeletal is twisted. I have had a pain in my back, upper shoulder area for over 6 yrs. I thought it was because of the way I lift my beading boxes, as they are heavy. No, it is something emotional. I found a man 5 years ago who does Chiropractic Kinesiology. I have clear more 'stuff' in a few sessions with him, than any other modality I have experienced so far.
Each and every practioner I have worked with has assisted me in shifting emotional 'stuff' and healing my body.
Please seek out people who can assist you in healing all those emotions, all that pain, all that frustration, all that crap that no longer serves you. Please do the work on yourself now, as it is so much easier to deal with our 'stuff' as it arises, & release to heal our soul. I am so blessed to be so aware of other peoples emotional state and to assist them heal. But I am a little reluctant to do some one the work on myself, hence the way my body is at the moment. You can not stuff you body full of emotions and fears and not have it bubble up again and again to be healed. Stop running long enough to look, feel, deal, and heal:) LOL.
We are ALL ONE. The collective consciousness is a very real thing.
People I have had issues with are still connected to me by those emotions I haven't healed, and I thought I had done this work years ago. So here I am tearing away another layer of that onion. Don't live your life in pain, you do not have to be like this. It truely is well worth the effort to delve deep within ourselves and heal.
2012 Tracey Coluzzi-Spirits-Dreaming-"AWAKEN YOUR SPIRIT WITHIN"

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