How to choose Gemstones or Gemstone Jewellery
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How to choose Gemstones or Gemstone Jewellery

How to choose your Gemstones or gemstone jewellery?
The best way for me is instinctual,  I can feel the vibration of the stones, and they communicate to me.
What are you drawn to?
What catches you eye?
Or if you are sensitive enough, you will be able to feel the vibration of the stone.
Run your hand over the stone or item you are interested in, don't touch it, just feel it. You may feel the ever so slightest tingle in the palm of your hand. Or your hand will twitch or even start to vibrate gently. You are feeling the energy of the stone.
You can choose a stone by colour, what colour do you find yourself drawn to the most
You can choose by colours, texture, by the name, by the properties of the gemstones, or the vibration.
Use your instincts, use your senses, you body will guide you to what your require to heal something within.
With any gemstone or gemstone jewellery item you purchase, it is recommended that you cleanse and clear the item and then introduce yourself and attune yourself to its vibration.
To cleanse and clear your new item, this can be done with pure intent and the sacred breathe.
Ground yourself, say your protection prayer or mantra.
Call in your guides etc, who ever you work with.
Take the time to tune into your item, and feel it, hear it, be with it.
Take several deep breathes and with each one, exhale over your crystal/gemstone item, knowingly, intending to cleanse and clear your item and fill it with your love.
You can also leave item out in under the full moon.
Please do some of your own research and what ever works for your in this ritual, use that.
When you start wearing gemstone jewellery, it may take awhile to get used to the energy or vibration of it.
Try wearing a new gemstone item for an hour or two at a time, and them take it off.
Also wear it so it touches your skin.
Some people have no problems, others must become accustomed to it.
Another thing to remember, when the gemstone has done its job it will sometimes break or shatter, or you will lose it.
Its job is done when this occurs.
Time to find another one to work with:)
Gemstones and Crystals are gifts to us from Mother Earth.
They are precious and beautiful, they are gifts for us to learn from and grow spiritual, mentally, emotionally, strengthen us physically.
They will communicate to you and with you, for your highest good.
Gemstone Jewellery is an investment in your health, and an investment that will never depreciate. And I do not just mean Diamonds, Sapphires, etc.
Look after your investment, take care of your precious gift and you will be forever rewarded, with healing and wisdom of the stones.

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Anonymous on Saturday, 26 January 2013 4:37 PM
Excellent content! Most of us don’t know how to choose Gemstones or gemstone jeweler but I think if we follow your content, we can easily solve our problem. I must follow your content. Thanks.
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