SPIRITS-DREAMING - Books I Recommend-Page One
Ancient Wisdom Healing Centre - "AWAKEN YOUR SPIRIT WITHIN"
The Crystal Bible-Judy Hall
The Crystal Bible 2-Judy Hall
The Crystal Zodiac-Judy Hall
The Body Is The Barometer Of The Soul, So Be Your Own Doctor II-Annette Noontil.
You Can Heal Your Life-Louise L. Hay.
Love Your Body-Louise L. Hay.
Heal You Body-Louise L. Hay.
The Power Is Within You-Louise L. Hay.
Drug Repair That Works-Jost Sauer.
The Perfect Day Plan-Jost Sauer.
From Crappy To Happy-Cheryl Cattarin.
The Gabriel Method-Jon Gabriel.
Hemp For Health, The Medicinal & Nutritional Uses of Cannabis Sativa-Chris Conrad.
Allergies-Theron G. Randolph & Ralph W. Moss.
Immune For Life- Arnold Fox MD. with Barry Fox.
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy-Julia Lawless.
Reiki-A Gift of Love-Brian & Carol Daxter.
Living Reiki-Takata's Teachings.
Reiki Satsang-Lawrence Ellyard.
Sacred Path Of Reiki-Katalin Koda.
White Eagle Lodge,A Book Of Health & Healing-Joan Hodgson.
Many Lives, Many Masters-Brian L.Weiss MD.
The Indigo Children-Lee Carroll & Jan Tober
The Children of Now-Meg Blackburn Losey.
Indigo Adults-Kabir Jaffe & Ritama Davidson.
Aussie Indigo's- Margaret Tacey.
The Care & Feeding of Indigo Children-Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.
NOW Is The Hour-Elisabeth Dietz & Shirley Jonas.
Re-Visioning The Earth-Paul Devereux.
We Are The Weather Makers-Tim Flannery.
Signposts-Denise Linn.
2012 And Beyond- Diana Cooper.
A New Light on Ascension-Diana Cooper.
The Keys to the Universe- Diana Cooper & Kathy Crosswell.
Enlightenment Through Orbs-Diana Cooper & Kathy Crosswell.
Ascension Through Orbs-Diana Cooper & Kathy Crosswell.
The World To Come-Ruth Montgomery.
Ascended Masters, Vol I-Claire East.
Ascended Masters, Vol II-Claire East.
Animal Speak-Ted Andrews.
Psychic Protection-Ted Andrews.
Animal Dreaming-Scott Alexander King.
Animal Messenger-Scott Alexander King.
Any book by Dolores Cannon
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