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ORGASM for your senses
As a young child I had many allergies that have carried through into my adult life.  It is not until you take something either orally or putting on your skin you realise you cannot use a product or pill(for example). 
Learning very early in my life that man made chemicals, medications perfumes, deodorants, room deodorisers, makeup, and body products, cleaning products are all an allergen for me. My body has an immune response and I have outbreaks of psoriasis that are red, itchy and the skin becomes so fragile you risk infection, or blinding headaches.

Firstly I eliminated all man-made cleaning products, body products. Chemical free home and personal space. I have found Australian companies who make the most amazing natural products, so these days it is easy to find products that are good for your body and not overloading it with more chemicals. 

Secondly I eliminated foods that I knew I reacted to, then slowly reintroduced them to see if I still had an ongoing intolerance. 
It was not until I went organic that all of my allergies started to change. I now have very few allergies to foods, except sugar, and wheat.

Lastly, I have re-discovered my desire to have lovely scents around me, that are not toxic and do not give me a cracking headache. 
Aromatherapy is a natural and beneficial way to do this, though you must use good quality oils. 

As an example for you, Lavender is excellent for headaches. Putting a drop or two on a tissue and inhaling, or on a wet compress on your forehead or back of the neck. 
Peppermint oil is fantastic for deterring spiders by spraying a barrier around your home using water and peppermint oil. (It works)

My Nan used old fashioned methods to treat childhood ailments, and injuries. Poultices, steam baths had herbs or flowers in them. Nan had a huge plot of land and it was full of fruit trees, veggies and herbs and the chooks.

With so many natural products you can use to enhance your life without exposing yourself, your family, your children and your pets to more chemicals. It am very excited about sharing the information with you all.

I offer free open days to share information and even recipes. 
I am in Mandurah, Western Australia. 
If you would like to participate, please register your name and phone number via email at spirits-dreaming@hotmail.com. 
I will contact you and schedule an open day. 

Many Blessing to a happy, healthy life.
Tracey Coluzzi

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